BM Interiors is a Proudly South african shopfitting manufacturing business, providing shopfitting solutions to the retail, commercial, corporate and leisure markets. We specialise in the manufacturing and installation of customised shopfitting – ranging from complete department stores, to speciality ‘boutique’ retail outlets.

Since opening its doors in 1985, BM Interiors has manufactured for a number of clients across Southern Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The company has its own dedicated manufacturing facilities in Cape Town and has established partnerships with a number of leading suppliers and contractors, delivering the very best product, around the world.

Our production facilities, housed in a Cape Town factory of 4 000 square meters, are supported by the skills and experience of over 70 staff. Since 2005 we have successfully completed over 1000 projects, ranging from 40 square meter boutiques, to stores off over 4 000 square meters.


Through a philosophy of co-operation we enable our clients to focus on their core business, while we simply get the job done. It is this very philosophy that enables us to empower and further improve the lives and skills of our staff – building our business to benefit our employees and our clients.


Tel: +27 21 510 3510

E-mail: info@bminteriors.co.za


384 Voortrekker Road

Maitland, 7405

Cape Town

South Africa