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BM interiors is proudly 100% owned by its active staff members, and Partner.


Bateleur projects are our procurement partner, and have been working together with us for many years. As from July 2019, Bateleur projects has a 20% shareholding in BM Interiors.

Nick Hishin
Jaco Leygonie
Project Manager

Jaco Leygonie has been employed since 2005 and has previous 23 years’ experience in the company.
Rowan Carlson
Project Manager

Rowan Carlson is one of our project managers, who started with the business in 2009 and has grown in to its leading management position.
Mildred Sikhundla
Mildred has been with us for 21 years and is also a shareholder.
Nikki van Wyk

On your arrival Nikki and Mildred are the smiling faces of the front office. They will welcome you, and make sure your visit is a pleasant one.

80% of the business is owned by the company’s key active staff members, including artisan and tradesmen. 

Many of the staff has spent years with the company, and they now rightfully partake in decisions regarding their own future, as reap the rewards that their efforts deserve. When you work with an artisan or Team captain of BM Interiors, you will most probably be working with a shareholder.


Dean Van Rooy
Team Captain
Andrew Arendse
Team Captain
John Julie
Factory Manager
Elroy Pedro
Randall Vember
John Meyer
Deon Paulsen
Joseph Johnston
Nigel Peterson
Donovan Cupido


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